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Job Summary:
The Trainer delivers all kind of trainings. He/she develops resources and coursework material for progress.
Job Responsibilities:
§ Training
- Develop, evaluate, design, and implement training and staff development programs
- Design the outline and training manual
- Deliver trainings to staff
- Acquire multimedia aids and educational materials
- Provide support to Learners in order to assist them in achieving their qualification
- Follow up on training needs based on performance appraisals
- Develop a framework for testing and evaluation of training program
- Seek new and relevant training tools
- Organise a census of the training needs, define the training methods to be used, create a training plan, divide the training between internal and external training § Liaising between different departments
- Maintain contact with all Learners
- Liaise and assist the Training Specialists
- Build and maintain rapport with all departments within the organisation. § Financials
- Participate in forecasting yearly training needs and budget
- Optimise the use of training budget.
Your Profile:
  • Drive, Entrepreneurship and Adaptability (Intermediate)
  • Developing and Managing Self-Awareness (Foundation)
  • Technical competencies required for the role
  • Collaborating for Efficiency (Intermediate)
  • Communicating Effectively (Foundation)