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Supply Chain Manager - Parfum Christian Dior

Job Summary:

As a manager of the Logistics department, they are responsible of the consistent availability of the products for customers while maintaining optimum stock & operation costs.
The main responsibilities include Sales Forecasting, Procurement/Supply Planning, Customer Service, Warehousing, Distribution, Improvement Projects, Costs Control, Performance Reporting and Information System Maintenance.
Reporting lines; team structure and internal/external key contacts

Job Responsibilities:

Logistics Department Management:
•    Operational management of the team members.
•    Monthly performance review through the Balanced Scorecard.
•    Logistics budget definition and follow up.

•    Define sales forecasts for basic saleable items on 12 rolling months.
•    Coordinate the definition of the future launch items forecast in collaboration with Commercial, Marketing and Training departments.
•    Supervise the preparation of the Monthly Forecasts Accuracy report.

Procurement / Supply Planning
•    During the biweekly inventory replenishment through DRP order, ensure the correct placement of orders by examining:
•    Current level of stock on hand + in transit,
•    Replenishment strategy and its related stock parameters,
•    Monthly actual sales,
•    Sales forecasts.
•    For each initiative, considering the On-Counter Date (OCD) and the retro planning defined by lead times, ensure a correct placement of orders to guarantee the products availability on time and in full.
•    Optimize the inbound freight charges by reducing the Air-Land Ratio and by complying with prepack carton/pallet ordering.
•    Give support to the Supply Planner in the process of preparing the Days of Inventory (DOI) report and its related action plan.
•    Make sure, in partnership with the regional Regulatory Affairs, of the products compliance with the Saudi importation rules as per SFDA regulation.
•    Ensure the accurate price update in the system.

Retail Planning
•    DTC activities are today reshaping the activities of PCD Arabia with the importance taken by our network of boutiques and the shift to e-commerce.

Customer Service and Downstream Supply chain:
•    Ensure the proper process of orders received from customers and follow up their perfect preparation in the warehouse.
•    Monitor the dispatch process of new launch items.
•    Provide ad hoc retailers’ stock analysis.
•    Supervise the preparation of the Launches on Time ratio

Warehouse and Distribution
•    Supervise the partnership between PCD Arabia and its service provider regarding the 2 main outsourced services: Warehouse and Distribution.
•    Ensure a high-level performance of the service provider in terms of lead-time and quality.
•    Conduct monthly KPI review meetings in partnership with the service provider: data analysis, action plan definition and follow up.
•    Ensure accurate inventory in the system vs. physical stock available in the warehouse by making sure of a proper preparation process, stock control and cycle counting. 

Improvement Project:
•    In close collaboration with other departments, be strongly involved in different Improvement Project aiming to further develop the logistics performance at:
o    Local Level: PCD Saudi Arabia
o    Downstream: Retailers
o    Regional: PCD Orient

Your Profile:

•    Expert Knowledge on logistics issues (DRP, Incoterms, customs regulations, transport, etc.)
•    Significant experiences in ERP
•    Experiences in DRP processes
•    Very Proficient user of the MS Office package especially Excel
•    Fluent in English: High level verbal and written communication skills
•    Speaking Arabic is highly recommended
•    A bachelor or master's degree and a Successful Professional Experience of 6/8 years in management of logistics, supply chain, transport, and/or customer service are highly required; Proven management experience.
•    Previous experiences in KSA or the Middle East and/or the Cosmetics / Luxury industry is a strong advantage.
•    Business vision (customer focus; drive for results and decision making);
•    Personal skills (problem solving; agility adaptability and tolerance to high pressure);
•    People Management (conflict management; people development and delegation; leadership).

  • Collaborating for Efficiency (Intermediate)
  • Communicating Effectively (Intermediate)
  • Developing and Managing Self-Awareness (Advanced)
  • Drive, Entrepreneurship and Adaptability (Intermediate)
  • Technical competencies required for the role