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Shop Manager - Jizan

MISSION:  Create an addictive experience for our clients, ensuring sales in accordance with the DNA and the SEPHORA ATTITUDE, and meeting the objectives set. Manage the point of sale and lead the team with the goal of maintaining Sephora’s standards, ensuring the point of sale’s profitability and sales and client satisfaction.


REPORTING TO: Area Manager.



  • Client experience: Welcome, listen to, understand, shape and satisfy client needs. Ensure the client’s satisfaction, even in difficult situations, assuming ultimate responsibility at the point of sale. Win the client’s loyalty. Energise the team through Floor Management to guarantee an addictive experience for our clients. Use the appropriate tools to measure overall satisfaction. Analyse the results and propose action plans. Provide support to all subordinates in difficult situations with clients.
  • Sales: Collaborate in achieving sales objectives. Apply the sales policies and techniques established at the Sephora University. Analyse sales and propose action plans.
  • Operations: Apply the policies and procedures according to Sephora standards. Contribute to the shop’s projection of an excellent image. Apply and follow established policies and procedures, ensuring that your SPECIALISTS drive the team to do this.
  • Business: Manage the shop’s P&L. Identify and analyze deviations and their causes, and execute action plans together with your Regional Director.
  • People: Participate in Recruitment days prepared by the HR team. Evaluate, develop/train, identify talent and obtain the team’s commitment. Identify training needs. Manage schedules, absences and discipline problems, in addition to handling conflicts. Identify potential within the team and propose individual Development Plans. Ensure that your SPECIALIST team is involved in all these points.
  • Know how: Project an exceptional image and body language in accordance with the guidelines set by Sephora. Attend all the training sessions indicated and planned by Sephora University. Know and respect the policies, procedures and guidelines. Possess self-control and set an example..