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Saudi Logitics Development Executive

Job Summary


Our Logistics Graduate Development Program has been designed to help create our future leaders in Logistics and offers a professional development opportunity in an exciting luxurious industry.


Throughout the program you will gain exposure to bespoke training, development and practical experience to kick start your career with us. You will experience many different areas of our Logistics department to help maximize your learning and reach your full potential within this field.


Alongside our structured and specially designed learning initiatives, you will also have responsibility from day one working within the various Logistics departments and delivering on tasks, giving you a hands on experience to compliment your learning journey.


Program Overview


  • 12 months program
  • Based out of Chalhoub Main Logistics Facility, one of the most advanced logistics facilities of the region • Rotations of job functions within Logistics
  • Hands on learning throughout the program and Supply chain and Logistics Training Courses
  • Courses designed with the top supply chain consulting company
  • Mentoring by experienced senior members throughout the program.


The Scope




Duration course

On the Job Training Content


Chalhoub Group and Supply Chain Management

Fundamentals of Supply Chain CH Logistics Induction Program

2 – 3 days

  • Insight to Chalhoub Group and its  Supply Chain Organization
  • Have knowledge of the overall Logistics & supply chain concepts and components

1 week


Warehousing Best Practices

3 days

Initiation to warehouse operation:

  • Receiving/Putaway /Picking/Packing/Dispatch
  • Be familiar with the warehouse management system
  • Extensive knowledge of warehousing design and operations
  • Understand how  to determine which storage systems and equipment best fit your operations
  • Understand how  to evaluate and structure the different processes in the warehouse

2 months

Inventory Control & slotting


How to slot your warehouse

1 day

  • Understand the Inventory Control role and the importance of the stock integrity
    • Cycle count & stock adjustment
    • Customer claim investigation
    • Post audit procedures


  • Understand the slotting concepts and methodologies
  • Understand which data are useful for the purpose of the slotting exercise and how they can be used

1 month


Transportation Management - Best Practices

2 days

  • Receive extensive knowledge of the world of transportation
  • Familiarization with most of the terminologies used in transportation
  • Get familiar with the most common transportation modes and transportation services
  • Understand how to determine which transport modes and services best fit
  • Be familiar with available systems for Shipping management system

2 months


  • Understand concepts and techniques of route planning and scheduling
  • Understand how to assess the transportation needs of their companies in terms of staff, vehicles and equipment
  • Be familiar with the transport management system
  • Understand the function of the fleet management Legal requirements for road transportation in UAE

1 month

E-Commerce: Fulfillment Center & Last Mile

Warehousing for E-Commerce

1 day

  • Understand the impacts of the growths  of online shopping in supply chain operations.
  • Understand how to handle these new challenges in terms of: Infrastructure, Equipment, Product flows, Technologies of data collection, Staff training, Software solutions.

1 month

Quality Health Safety and Environments (QHSE)

Warehousing Safety & Security All about Warehouse racking and MHE

2 days

  • Introduction to our QHSE Policy and process
  • How to make the logistics eco-system safer by:
    • Assessing the current levels of safety and security in our operations
    • Evaluating the risk and hazards associated and propose solutions to eliminate them
    • Participation in QHSE Meetings, Toolbox meeting, Quality Audit
    • Following Corrective Action Request (CAR) and action plan
    • Understanding the Maintenance of facilities and materials Be familiar with our QHSE system application

2 months

Logistics Solutions

Warehouse Lab

2 days

  • Identify and bring the highest and most efficient solutions to the operations to meet stakeholder expectations and delight our customer
  • The Solutions Team will showcase some of the most pertinent solutions for the warehouse of the future

2 weeks

Supply & Demand Planning

Fundamentals of Demand Planning

2 days

  • Have a fundamental understanding of demand management
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the forecasting process
  • Perceive the significance of the various statistical models and techniques used to prepare accurate demand forecasts
  • Be able to apply simple tools and methods to produce more accurate and reliable demand plans

2 weeks

Logistics Data

Logistics Costs & Billing

1 day

  • Learn with the most common expenses incurred by a logistics operation.
  • Be familiar about the different billing strategies & Data used in Logistics for:
    • Billing for Logistics Services
    • Measuring the KPI
    • Monitoring the productivity and attendance
    • Tracking the purchases

2 months


Job Segment: eCommerce, Sales