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Internal Verifier - REAL JED

Job Summary:


The job holder of this position is responsible for leading the Retail Academy team of Quality Assurers and Assessors to obtain and maintain QCF qualifications.


Key Responsibilities:                                              


  1. Organizational:


  • Follow all relevant L&D policies, processes and standard operating procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner


  1. Operational:


  • Lead the Retail Academy Assessors for QCF Qualifications
  • Provide a customer focused approach for the successful delivery of QCF qualifications
  • Develop the Internal Quality Assurance sampling strategy (formative and summative) for all Qualifications to meet the Qualification Guidelines and Awarding Bodies’ Requirements
  • Write, monitor and evaluate assessment/verification of the resource material for delivery of QCF Qualifications in line with the Awarding Bodies’ Standards
  • Develop and deliver Standardization Sessions to ensure consistency between Assessors as well as international best practices
  • Observe learners’ Induction Training, and other training programmes at the Academy, and recommend improvements in training materials to meet the learners’ requirements and Qualifications’ requirements
  • Liaise with International Standards Verifiers for all Qualifications, arrange their visits and ensure assessment decisions and records meet the International Standards 
  • Maintain learners’ records accurately to ensure details of achievement are kept upto-date, and securely stored in line with Awarding Bodies’ requirements
  • Monitor/observe the delivery of knowledge and performance Assessments and provide feedback to trainers and assessors for further improvement
  • Report learners’ progress in all Qualifications to the Academy Manager, the Group Learning & Development Manager and to the learners’ line Managers on monthly basis
  • Support the training team to conduct TNA for new training programmes and take an active role in the design phase
  • Support trainee Assessors to complete their Qualification
  • Liaise with the Awarding Body for Qualification renewal and centres’ recognition and updates
  • Participate in relevant projects and community activities as and when needed

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