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Forecasting supply chain coordinator - Bahrain

Job Title: Forecasting supply chain coordinator  

Job Family: Retail & Wholesale



In their endeavor to excellence, the fundamental values all our employees must possess are Commitment, Integrity, Empathy and Flexibility


Job Summary:


The job holder of this position is responsible for supporting the brand analysts team in generating accurate quantitative information and qualitative feedbacks to optimize Buying.


Key Responsibilities:            


  1. Organizational:


  • Follow all relevant Retail policies, processes and standard operating procedures so that work is carried out in a controlled and consistent manner


  1. Operational:


  • Implement activities under close supervision
  • Escalate complex problems to the relevant person to ensure case/issue is closed efficiently and in timely a manner


Assortment Planning:


  • Provide qualitative insights and quantitative data to prepare best classification of store in terms of assortment and most appropriate assortment depth for each store in the country;
  • Ensure alignment of stock with Brand’s guidelines at all time and execution of instructions from Regional Merchandise manager and/or Buyer if needed


Withdraw Underperforming References:


  • Flag underperforming references to regional merchandise team
  • Implement regional decisions on catalog management by introducing or withdrawing references in stores (discontinued or references underperforming at the regional level).


Sales Optimization:


  • Provide accurate information on gross margin by store, categories and sub-categories of product in country for setting strategic targets;
  • Provide local insights for the MFP calculations (stock situation, qualitative feedbacks on categories) to the regional team;
  • Ensure that bottom-up proposal of store plan has the necessary level of details by category and sub-category to challenge the merchandise plan by country made by the regional team;
  • Propose the monthly breakdown of purchase budget per store with appropriate level of split of categories and sub-categories, based on own analysis and feedbacks from area and store managers


Purchase of Novelties:


  • Provide data and analysis on historical launches of similar products in local market (sales, stock, sell-thru figures) to improve accuracy of orders by Regional merchandise team
  • Collect qualitative comments from area and store managers on product performance (failures and successes) based on templates provided by Regional team


Replenishment Orders:


  • Propose replenishment parameters to be included in the system (e.g. updated lead time, brand’s guidelines) by stores for Regional merchandise manager / Buyer approval; if no system, use templates for replenishment orders provided by regional merchandise team
  • Propose replenishment orders by stores to regional merchandise manager/buyer taking into consideration suggested order from the system, sell-out and out of stock, and qualitative feedbacks collected from Area managers and store managers, and ensure that proposals for replenishment of best sellers optimize turnover and profitability and is performed on time to avoid missing sales;


Back Orders and Special Orders:


  • Propose cancellation of back orders
  • Submit request to regional team for a large quantity order requested by commercial team (special order or B2B order), with a clear brief
  • Communicate price updates to MIA
  • Send benchmark of prices with competition for local market to the regional merchandise team and highlight gaps in price
  • Communicate all maintenance prices transmitted by regional team to local purchase coordinators for correct and timely update in system
  • Escalate issues of price maintenance (e.g. promotions) to IT and regional team together with purchase coordinator


Inventory Management:


  • Ensure optimal level of stock coverage as per target by categories of SKUs (A/B/C)
  • Ensure that best sellers are always available in stores (and warehouses if any)
  • Perform analysis and propose parameters for transfers between warehouses and stores and rebalancing parameters between stores to regional team
  • Perform analyses and propose regular store to store transfers (local rebalancing) as per requests from clientele, sales trends to improve sell-thru (fast movers), and alignment with assortment guidelines from the brand (e.g. data control analysis of Stock-on-hand vs. brand’s guidelines)


System Implementation:


  • Provide instruction to local MIA to perform entry of goods purchase orders in system correctly and on time and monitor in particular that reordering of basics in system is executed on time to avoid missing sales
  • Provide instructions to local purchase coordinator to perform entries in the system for inventory management operations (store to store transfers, store to warehouse transfers, returns to vendors, transfers of temporary loan stock from company account to special accounts)


Stock Liquidation (Specific to Beauty Franchises):

  • Ensure that stock ageing remains within budget targets
  • Propose fully-amortized items and discontinued items for liquidation (e.g. basics, accessories) as per Group’s and brand’s guidelines
  • Analyze stock closely and propose appropriate non-fully amortized items for liquidation action plan as per direction from regional team in order to improve stock ageing targets
  • Identify all discontinued items and request approval for RTV from regional team
  • Propose initial prices and additional markdown for private sales operations


Product Performance:


  • Provide monthly reports by Brand to regional merchandise team and commercial team with
  • Run analysis on average basket and UPT per store, city based on historical data Flag weekly best sellers and slow movers and propose rebalancing and replenishment;
  • Collect qualitative feedbacks from store managers for regular high spenders (e.g. top 10)


  • Participate in relevant projects and community activities as and when needed



University Degree in Business Administration or any relevant field

A minimum of 2 years of relevant experience





Prioritizing for results & operational excellence




Collaborating for efficiency


Drive, entrepreneurship and adaptability


Communicating effectively


Developing and managing self-awareness


Core Functional


Guest Experience Focus


Hybrid Understanding


Influencing & Negotiating


Business & Financial Acumen


Retail-Specific Functional Competencies


Buying Excellence


Retail Operations


Distribution-Specific Functional Competencies


Customer/ Retailer Management


Distribution Operations



Job Segment: Sales Operations, Sales

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