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Administration Officer

Job Summary:
The Administration Officer supports operations, supervises staff, plans, organizes and implements the day to day administrative tasks such as communication systems, stationary and office supplies, collaterals, special projects etc.
Job Responsibilities:

Administrative Tasks
- Update, follow-up and archive on administrative records of office activities, business transactions, policies and board resolutions
- Assist in confidential correspondence, reports, and other complex documents
- Assist the Administration Manager in various projects
- Manage travel and guest arrangements in coordination with the travel department
- Coordinate services for events, such as accommodation and transportation, catering, special needs requirements, printing
- Format and despatch company wide communication

Contract Follow-up
- Follow up with Legal Department on -Lease Agreements for Shops/Offices/Warehouses -Lease contracts -Trade and operating licenses -NOC from Supplier to use trade name/mark/logo, if required -NOC from Mall to Contractor for new shop/office/warehouse
- Follow up on all matters pertaining to rent payment/collection for Shops/Offices/Warehouses
- Follow up on all matters pertaining to Customer/supplier contracts
- Coordination of transport facility for Staff -Maintenance and Support
- Responsible for the maintenance and cleaning contracts for A/C, Pest Control, Plants, Fire Extinguishers, Fax, Copiers at all locations
- Follow up on all work related subscriptions (magazines, newspapers)

Staff Sale
- Organise all elements pertaining to staff sale including sale lists, layout, badge distribution, refreshments, security, deliveries and general supervision -Executive role
- Follow-up on workflow of other clerical staff
- Administer replenishment of staff uniforms
- Administer of laundry Services and allocation of costs
- Responsible for execution of processes for -Receptionists -Service Assistants -Drivers -Procurement Assistance
- Ensure the periodic replenishment of all stationary and groceries
- Manage the buying process
- Ensure proper tracking of requisitions, contracts, and orders
- Review requisition orders in order to verify accuracy, terminology, and specifications.
- Compare prices, specifications, and delivery dates in order to determine the best bid among potential suppliers.
- Ensure proper calculation of costs and charge and appropriate billing and invoicing processes are applied.

Your Profile:
  • Developing and Managing Self-Awareness (Foundation)
  • Technical competencies required for the role
  • Drive, Entrepreneurship and Adaptability (Foundation)
  • Collaborating for Efficiency (Foundation)
  • Communicating Effectively (Foundation)